Vertical Arrays SLA


Vertical Array Loudspeaker Systems


Powerful vertical line loudspeaker columns for use in demanding ap- plications such as conference halls, meeting rooms, railway stations, airports, churches, mosques etc.Models SLA8 und SLS14 di er only in length and power handling. The unique layout of SLA8 and SLA14 allows the combination of several units in order to achieve an optimal adaption to the given application.

Acoustic Chamber Technologie

The semi trapezoidal housings of both models are divided into separate sections with special lter networks

Constant vertical Directivity

The integrated RC technology pro- vides broadband constant vertical directivity without the need of any external DSP.

Fullrange Bandwidth

SLA8 und SLA14 come with ported 100mm US.magnetics fullrange trans- ducers for high sound pressure levels and an extended frequency response of 60Hz - 18kHz.


SLA8 and SLA14 will perform as 'stand alone' units or in one of the following combinations:


Elegant & Functional Housings

Both models come with slim, semitra- pezoidal enclosures.

EQ and Beam Steering via DSP

SLA8 und SLA14 may be operated as 'stand alone' units.

For best performance the use of BELL SMP-QX power ampli ers or BELL SM4D / SM6D loudspeaker manage- ment systems is recommended.

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