PA System VPS


System VPS760ext

The latest Systems VPS760 and VPS760ext mean perfect tools to master a great number of powerful mobile audio productions.

While the compact array top VPS760T houses four 8" cone speakers plus one 2" B&C horn driver with 80°x50° coverage, the VPS460L dual 15" bandpass subwoofer perfectly com- bines with the well proven VPS500L 18" 6th order ventilated bandpass.

VPS760M Monitor System

Using the same high quality concept as the VPS760T, the VPS760M oor monitor combines 4pcs 8" low-mid units with a B&C 2" horn-driver.

Floormonitor, Drum ll, Rearfill

Two oor angles (40°/60°) plus a set of ying hardware make theVPS760M the most versatile monitor in the market. Combine it with subwoo- fers VPS200L, VPS360L, VPS460L or VPS500L for drum ll, rear ll or down ll use.

System VPS460ext

Upgraded from the highly successful System VPS420, the new VPS460ext puts a complete concentric horn loaded PA system in a compact, easy to handle truck space format.

VPS460T (2-way mid-high projector)

houses a newly developed high performance 12" US.magnetics cone speaker plus a 2" horn with B&C driver.

The VPS460T operates as a con- centric horn loaded projector with a clean 40°x40° dispersion angle.

VPS460L (Subwoofer)

combines a pair of 15" US.magnetics woofers with 100mm at wire wound (FWW) voice coils in a patented triple chamber housing.

VPS500L (Infra Subwoofer)

comes with an 18" B&C woofer in a 6th. order dual ventilated bandpass enclosure.

System VPS500TN

Line array unit

2x8" US.magnetics Cone Speakers 1.4" B&C Neodymium Driver Disp: 90° horizontal x 10° vertical. Waveguide with time axis correction. CD horn design with separate com- pression chambers for both 8"mid drivers. Integrated hardware includes stain- less steel Splay Block for precise 0.5° step array alingment with Quick lock/ release pins. Q-placement software.

Flying System

Patented hanging Cradle CRA500S with spindle driven angle adjustment.

Ground stacked System

2 or more VPS500T units may be stacked on subwoofers VPS200L, VPS460L or VPS500L using the GRS500T support hardware.

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